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Brief words from the bottom of my heart...............


Brother John 


Dear Friends, Greetings in Jesus’ Name. It is with great joy and thanks that we come before you to share and testify to you of God’s faithfulness in our lives. We are thankful to God and we count it as an honor to share what He is doing in our nation of India through CARE. Being born and brought up in a very strong devotee family who give importance to the  long followed traditions, grew up in a very poor conditions with one meal a day for many years and working in a temple as a servant cleaning the surroundings thought many lessons. It was like surviving without a life. Outwardly surviving but there is no inner living. That is when Jesus came to our life and after welcoming to our hearts and family, we realized the need of both spiritual and physical needs of millions of Indians who are living without any LIFE.

We are happy that we obeyed the call of God at the right time and He is using us to build the Kingdom of God. Today the challenges are many, but God in His abundant wisdom is guiding us to do His will. He is helping us in all our ways so that many are molded for God’s ministry, given spiritual, formal, and vocational education, and provided with jobs, food, and shelter. Our prayer is that the Lord empowers us by the Holy Spirit to continue the vision we have for India and to be a blessing to many until the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Brother Moparthi and family together share in this great vision to bring a CHANGE.

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