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Sponsor a Child

Sponsoring a child means sharing joy.

It's the joy of helping a child break free from poverty to create a life of health, safety, and a bright future!

Join your hands to sponsor a child

$50 per month - covers food, clothing, shelter, education and health care

$ 650 a year- all the above + Christmas gifts

Sponsor a Leper


Affected by severe leprosy many years ago, there are many lepers living in a colony without any hope and help. It is a privilege for us to find and reach them for Jesus every month. They are dearly loved and cared for. 

Kindly sponsor a leper
Food - $1 per day
For two weeks food - $15 p / month

Sponsor Holy Bibles

It is very important for every new believer to have a Bible to read the word and grow in the Lord. There are thousands of believers without any Bibles. 

Kindly sponsor a Bible


1 Bible - $9

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