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New Hope
Children Mission


NHC Mission started in 2005 after the Tsunami in Indian ocean in 2004 left many children parent less. We started this Mission with a vision to reach the most precious children in South India

NHC Mission is a Home & Hope for many children. We are privileged and blessed to serve the children by providing food, clothing, shelter & education most importantly sharing The LOVE of JESUS. 


New Hope Mission Aims to

1. No partiality - But Equality

2. No age barrier - All age groups are welcome to join our family

3. Takes everyone with LOVE & WARMTH

New Hope Mission Focuses on

1. Priority: Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. – Proverbs 22:6

2. Education Concentration: Make sure every child goes to school and we teach Reading, Writing, language & maths at our home

=> Our vision is to Educate children with computer skills that will give them a great future to look forward to

==> Most important part of this Mission is to make sure every single child is dearly loved & finds


That is JESUS

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Videos of the children praising the Saviour


Lepers Welfare


Learning from the life of Jesus and the way He loved lepers with Love & Tenderness lead us to reach a colony of 200 lepers sharing the same Love spreading the gospel

A leper in need

Joy of Christmas



Reaching villages every week and arrange open air gospel meetings and crusades is a crucial part of our mission. We reach a number villages in a month and proclaim the Gospel with a strong vision for the lost and perishing souls to be saved & added to the kingdom of God


Dorothy Widows Welfare
Sewing Machine Project

The plight of Widows

India is the country with the largest widow population in the world. It is estimated there are 40 million widows in India today – 10 per cent of the country’s female population. It has become home to the “husbandless”.

On news of their husband’s death, the wives break their bangles as they can no longer wear jewellery or use sindhoor – the red powder women wear in their parting and on their foreheads to denote their married status. Many widows are thrown out of family homes by their children or abandoned by their in-laws. Unfortunately, without a man by her side a woman has no respect in rural Indian society. It is part of a patriarchal culture where a woman is respected only if she is a mother, daughter and wife.


Born and brought up in a very strong

Hindu idol worshiping family,

Jesus was never known to us. Every one in the family are strong devotees and follow all traditions and rituals related to idol worshiping. But there was no "life" in our way of living

We waited but nothing changed There is no joy, peace, happiness in the idols That is when we realized we worship dead idols

An evangelist who was preaching about Jesus passed by our home and we wanted to hear about Jesus and invited that evangelist to come and share with us who and how Jesus is like and requested him to pray for us.

He entered our home like

a good Samaritan and preached and prayed.

There is power in the name of Jesus which moved our hearts. We all encountered His love on the CROSS. We all knew that


Whole family welcomed Jesus to our hearts and living as witness of Jesus true love and changing lives with GOOD NEWS for the last 35 years

Widows Assistance

Along with our efforts to change culture and attitude, CARE seeks to empower individual widows to become economically self-sufficient, setting them up with equipment, support, skills training, and advice.


Help a widow with a life time support of $450 
for a sewing machine

"Harvest is plenty but the workers are few"

We need people with Vision & Mission to partner with us 

To work together with us in this great harvest 

& prepare souls for the soon return of

our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ!!! 

He is coming very soon! 

Would you join us today? 

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