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We are a team of workers in the Lord’s work located in Coastal area of Andhra Pradesh State, India - with a vision to bring a difference in the least and unreached communities that are in need of both spiritual and physical needs reaching out to them with strong dedication and burden. In a month, we reach a number of most unreached and remote communities and share the good news of hope and meet their physical needs accordingly as the Lord shows favor. 

Our main motto is "Faith with Deeds". We not only share and encourage but we also discover the most urgent needs and extend hand of support to them. 


Our main goal is to make the name of Jesus known to those who have never heard before and where the name of Jesus has never been spoken of. It has become our primary goal to share His amazing love to the people who are away for His love in such a way that they will find a way back to Him and realize what Jesus has done for the world on the cross. 

Along with the gospel work, church planting where the gospel has been spread is also important part of our mission because the church will help the new believers how to live a life with Jesus and learn biblical values. Currently 30 churches have been planted and established. 

Moreover, meeting physical needs of the communities to bring a difference in thier lives through the love of Jesus has given us a hope to reach out to those who are in dire and desperate needs. CARE has dedicated to help poor children, poor and aged widows, lepers and HIV victims who are treated as untouchables in the society and also we reach out to the victims of natural calamities like fire accidents, cyclones, floods and tsunamis etc., 

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